Healthy Food for Everyone
from an organic produce & plant Co-operative
Please pass this on to anyone who might be interested
If your family is interested in eating more organic fruits, vegetables, meats cheeses, etc. at wholesale prices, then our Co-op is the answer!
We offer bins of varying organic produce for $30/week or $20week. You can also get a veggie or fruit bin for $20 a week each • • • $30 bin clients will receive 3-4 types of fruits & 4-5 types of veggies $20 bin clients will receive 3 types of fruits & 3-4 types of veggies $20 Fruit or veggie only clients will receive 4 types of either • $10 Membership (one time fee) US41 & 96th Avenue, Naples Park (north Naples) Pickup Locations Special Event
For additional information send email to: or call 239.592.6700 Christina Crawfis coordinator